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Merry Christmas and what lies ahead for SEO – my top 10 predications for 2013

SEO in the new year

My top 10 predications for SEO in 2013

Merry Christmas! Here in SEO land it doesn’t stop. Santa stocked up my sock with 10 insights to SEO in the new year.

Are you ready for them?

#10 – Google becomes the new world economy and SEO becomes free as Google will pay on-line marketers

#9 – Keywords will be a thing of the past because ppl cnt spl nemore

#8 – Linking to someone like the Melbourne SEO Guru would positively impact your SEO. Seriously, that one is climbing up the charts

Yorky puppy

Cutest puppy in the world!

#7 – Content is king. The queen is a spade. You pretty much make content what you want it next year – everybody loves a puppy pic anyway…

#6 – Partnering with an online nut will be a big thing in 2013

#5 – Online marketers will keep you guessing as to what will happen in 2014 because we’ll have no idea what’s happening in 2013

#4 – Videos will play a bigger part in SEO (sorry, that was a selfish plug)

#3 – People like myself think they know what we’re talking about and can do your SEO when deep down we know a four year old knows more about the online space than we do

#2 – Marketers actually tell the truth about SEO to their clients

and for top of the charts…

#1 – I’ll write the same post in 2013 for 2014 because I’ll still be none the wiser!


Choosing the right keywords for SEO content

play on words


Keywords are a funny thing when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation). Like every other aspect of the SEO game, everyone has a different view on keywords yet there are a few common factors. Most agree that:

Great ideas and should be part of your keyword building strategy. But what if you’re a manufacturer that specialises in “duck syphoning V8 plastic engines integration 2.0” software. Yep, that’s exactly how the every day office type looking to buy your software is going to find you. NOT!

Start thinking outside the box. That’s what I do as the SEO Guru of Melbourne. If you’re selling niche products, do your new customers know what keywords to find you for? Do you simply list the keywords you know and pray that that’s what people are searching for?

Looking at keywords from a customer point of view can add valuable converting phrases you probably haven’t thought about. Instead of going for Melbourne SEO Expert, I’m putting myself out there as the Melbourne SEO Guru. Keywords can get you in front of the people that you want as clients/customers. By using Guru, there’ll be some other like minded individual out there who has a sense of humour as well as a sense of purpose and direction with their business.

My guru

I know he’s the Dalai Lama but he’s my guru

Use keywords to your advantage. Perhaps change your focus to other customers that aren’t as commonly communicated to because everybody is feeding the mass markets. You’ll never know where thinking outside the box might take you.



SEO wants to get in bed with SEM and vice versa



The online space can be a confusing place at times. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – the organic listings) is the place you work hard at continually to keep up with the Google algorithm changes. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the paid listings at the top and right hand side of search results. Depending on who you speak to, one side says SEO is dead and the other says SEM is costly.

But what if you could marry the two practices to get the best outcomes for both? That’s why you should have your SEO and SEM jump into bed together.

Imagine this scenario. Your Melbourne SEO Guru comes to you and says, “You’re ranking #1 for ‘widget supplies Melbourne’ organically yet your PPC advert for the same is failing.” So you go through the keywords for both and realise that there’s certain keywords that are dominating for SEO and not for PPC. Then you check your PPC and realise there’s keywords dominating there that aren’t SEO.

Combining the strengths from both SEO and SEM can help your website take up more real estate on Google when someone searches for your “widgets”. That’s why working with a SEO Company can make all the difference to your online strategies. Partnering with the one company means you spend less time dealing with multiple people to achieve your online success. Let your SEO Guru of Melbourne marry your two strategies to further improve your results online. You owe it to yourself.

Drop me a line…


The art of SEO is on-going



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an on-going artform that changes with the winds and times. Depending on the humour of Google’s math wizards will ultimately determine what a website can do to improve its rankings that month. The Panda and Penguin changes of 2013 was game changing for the SEO scene.

On this page alone there are 30+ changes to Google’s algorithm’s for 2012. That’s at least one a month. Are you getting an idea that SEO is a dynamic landscape and if you sleep in too long, you’ll miss the boat and could potentially have an adverse effect on your organic rankings?


This is where I step in. As SEO Guru Melbourne, it’s my role to partner with your business and consistently stay on top of the changes for you to make sure your business website stays at the top of the first page of Google.

Seriously, do you as a business owner and/or manager have time to put in the daily hours to keep on top of the regular changes to the game? Let’s just say you’re trying to optimise 5 keywords. It takes a minimum 2 hours a week for one keyword. That’s why you should outsource your SEO. Especially with a company that is ranking #1 for SEO Co in Australia. Do you have ten hours a week just for the basics?

Google ‘SEO Guru Melbourne’. I’m currently 2nd from the bottom. I practice what I preach and don’t just sell a ‘solution’. Partner with someone that walks the walk and talks the talk.

Drop me an email: for a one hour consultation – my shout for coffee and a chat.

SEO is only one part of a business marketing strategy


Marketing business sales

It would seem that there’s a lot of hype by on-line marketers saying the on-line space is the only place to advertise and market a business. Really? My guess is these people who tout the on-line space is the only place to be actually pick up the phone, visit clients and use other off-line means to market themselves. That’s why SEO should be one part of a business marketing strategy.

A good friend of mine, Kellie at PT Business Success, used to mentor me when I was a Personal Trainer in Brisbane and told me that there should be at least 5 different forms of marketing going on at one time. So it’s frustrating to hear on-line marketers telling clients to put all their marketing and advertising into the on-line world. And most of these marketers don’t use the space to market themselves! Where is the congruency with that ideology?

As the Guru of Melbourne SEOI will help your business find other outlets to increase lead generation. Yes, the internet certainly provides a fair chunk of new business yet I have found most of my clients by human interaction. With the aid of what I do on-line, I’ve been able to increase my client base yet I find my best clients are the ones that I choose to work with by seeking them out and making initial contact either in person or on the phone. Not by planting myself all over the internet.

Partnering with the Melbourne SEO Guru is a great way to have someone with a different set of eyes looking into your marketing and advertising strategies and see how we can tap into your on-line market to boost your off-line strategies. It’s a win-win situation.

To know more, contact me on 0499 988 131 and together we’ll create a buzz about your business like you’ve never had before!

Why you should outsource your SEO

Are you a business owner? Or manage a business? How many hours do you dedicate to your particular roles/tasks per week? My guess is that you spend a majority of the weeks hours on and in the business and have very limited time to spend on improving the visibility of your business website. A great reason as to why you should outsource your SEO work to somebody like The SEO Co.

SEO is a time consuming beast that requires in-depth knowledge of what Google loves and hates when it comes to improving the ranking of your website. For instance, it takes a couple of hours a day to get this blog, another blog and my favourite – Melbourne SEO guru ranking on the front page of google. That’s just a few blogs. Imagine the time it would take for a fully functioning website?!

If you have a business that is trying to generate leads from numerous products and/or services and have a keyword list as long as your arm, then it’s going to take a lot of grunt work to achieve high rankings. That’s why outsourcing your SEO is imperative to your business.

And it’s not just about your keywords. The structure (the nuts and bolts of the back end), content (the words and images/videos) and linking (to other sites Google love) are major factors in the SEO game. Do you have the time to do it all?

Drop me, the SEO Guru of Melbourne, a line – and we can catch up to chat about how partnering on your SEO will prove invaluable.

Blogging for business


Blogging for business. Seems like everybody is doing it these days. There’s great blogs and then there’s bad blogs. What’s the difference? Well, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve from the blog.

The experts will say it’s about content. Make the content for the customer and you’ve struck gold. Or have you? I saw an example of a post that was to do with costume hire and it would seem that the article was written by a computer. Yes, the content was there but from a readable point of view for the average punter looking to hire a costume (especially in Melbourne), then it read like a very boring back page of a newspaper that was printed in the 1800’s.

Some people may very well read this post and say my content is poor. Possibly. But it’s written by me in my words and with my emotions. Not bashed out from a software program. If your blogging for business, be real and use the language you would use because that way it will come across more genuine and heart-felt (a touchy-feely word to use). In an age where technology rules, why not add that human element to your posts so your customers will feel more in touch with you rather than just reading a blurb.

Now as the SEO guru of Melbourne, I get frustrated when a business outsources their blogging to companies that simply are in it for their own revenue raising means and not get nuts deep into the soul of the client they are working with… partnering with. They bleed the client of their personality in favour of spam generated posts. Spam in a can. That’s what it is.

If you want to know how to improve your blogging for business contact me, the Melbourne SEO guru –